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Bridal Show Success
Brilliant Wedding Marketing

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Nothing vague here, just good solid information to take you every step of the way from choosing the show to closing the sale.

Bridal shows can still be a tremendous way to market your business if you pick the right one and use every tool in your arsenal to get it right.Here are the tips and trick you have been searching for, all in one easy to follow guide.
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$9.95  List Success  .mp3 format
​$19.95 List Success eBook format

Whether you're writing lead nurturing emails, drafting blog posts or shooting an ad for your YouTube channel, in order to be a successful inbound marketer you have to be
a master content creator.

eBook or MP3?

Brilliant Wedding Marketing is the step by step guide to building your marketing plan in a logical, layered way.

It tells you where to start and why. As you grow your business, add a layer.
$39.00 Getting on the Preferred Vendors List     by Rick Brewer

With this new Audio CD from Rick Brewer, you will learn what it takes to get into more businesses who can send you Brides who still haven’t purchased your products/services

   $9.95 Selling Your Way 
            To Your First Million

  How to Become a Topnotch Salesperson -- Convert Uninterested Prospects to Highly-Responsive Paying Customers and Cash-In Your Way to Selling Success

  $9.95 SEO Basics for Business Owners

Whether you've created a website already or are planning to create one in the near future, you know that's only half the battle. The other half is getting your website found in the search engines in hopes of attracting those interested in the type of products or services you offer.

Amazon Link  $16.88   Paperback

Successful entrepreneurs and sales people understand that people do business with people they like and trust. Secrets to Becoming a Master Networker, helps streamline the professional business networking process. Successful people leverage the art and skill of networking to it's fullest.

Networking is leverage. Networking, when done correctly, will give you a significant advantage over any competitor.

We build relationships everyday. Learn the Secrets that will help you grow your social currency as well as your net worth.

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